Tollring and Metier Announce EMIS Re-Accreditation of CallConnect GP (Formerly Patient Connect)

Tony Martino, CEO, Tollring

Metier Integration Services and Tollring announce that their CallConnect GP application (formerly known as Patient Connect) has undergone re-accreditation and achieved an EMIS Partners Certificate of Assurance. The award means that CallConnect GP meets EMIS quality standards and is fully authorised to connect to EMIS web services.

EMIS Web helps organisations to work towards NHS England’s target of dissolving traditional boundaries between primary care, community services and hospitals.  By linking telephony with EMIS Web, users of CallConnect GP can speed up patient verification and receive immediate task alerts when a call is received. It frees up valuable human resource, saving both time and money whilst reducing the risk of human error, and improving service and the clinical outcomes of patients.

James Collins, CTO of Metier says, “Achieving re-certification for CallConnect GP authorises ongoing secure interoperability with EMIS Web. The CallConnect GP brand replaces the already successful Patient Connect solution to assist managers, receptionists and clinical staff in GP surgeries to provide courteous and informed patient care, improving the experience and outcomes for both patients and staff.”

CallConnect GP in conjunction with Tollring’s suite of analytics and call recording services delivers further value to GP practice managers since it offers greater insight into the quality of services, helping to drive efficiencies and improve customer experience.

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring adds, “This is an important milestone since we became the sole distributor of CallConnect GP in November 2019 and it means we can support EMIS in its drive to help the NHS achieve its digital ambitions and customer service targets.”



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