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Type 1 Diabetes: New Guidance For Flash Glucose Monitors

NHS will issue life-changing glucose monitors with new guidance to those with Type 1 diabetes

As of April 2019, thousands of NHS patients with Type 1 diabetes will benefit from a new Flash Glucose Monitor. As a result, NHS England has published new clinical guidance in preparation for the monitors. The guidance not only outlines funding arrangements but explains which patients qualify to receive the technology.

Who qualifies for the new Flash Glucose Monitor?

  • Those who need to monitor their levels more than eight times a day for over the last three months
  • Pregnant women who have had type 1 diabetes for over 12 months
  • Those with diabetes that is associated with cystic fibrosis on insulin
  • Those unable to self-monitor due to a disability
  • Those who have occupational or psychosocial circumstances which may warrant a 6-month trial of the device.

It is expected one in five patients with type 1 diabetes will qualify for the device. As a result, these individuals will be able to receive the monitor on a prescription. NHS will then reimburse the health groups for the wearable sensor.

What is the benefit of the Flash Glucose Monitor?

Ultimately, the new Libre device will help patients to manage their symptoms better to achieve improved health outcomes. Other benefits include a reduction in finger-prick tests and enabling patients to manage their condition on their own. This is because the device provides an early warning of when sugar levels are starting to rise or fall so that patients can take action sooner.

The Associate National Clinical Director at Diabetes, Dr Partha Kar said of the new guidance; “The guidance published today confirms the NHS’ commitment to improving the care of those with type 1 diabetes and signals an end to the variation in availability to the life-changing technology.”

Karen Addington, the JDRF Chief Executive Officer, added; “We are delighted that these new guidelines will effectively end the inequity of access to Flash Glucose Monitoring that people living with type 1 diabetes have experienced, based simply on where they live in England.”

You can read the full guidance here.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals