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UK Medtech Manufacturer Bryant Dental grows sixfold with Zoho One

Bryant Dental, a UK-based medtech company specialising in cutting edge optics that aim to go beyond the limits of human vision, has grown sixfold through boosting operational efficiency and streamlining processes with Zoho One.

The company’s mission is to bring the most human-centric technology to every clinician on the planet, and focuses on empowering dentists.

Bryant Dental was created by dentists to manufacture revolutionary refractive loupes which enable other dentists to not only magnify, but amplify vision during their patient work while remaining in the optimal ergonomic position.

By enabling dentists to work with more natural human posture, it has dramatically reduced problems with neck or back pain in the clinicians using its loupes, a problem which has plagued its industry. Its vision ultimately is to create optics that act as a catalyst for a radical transformation in healthcare, and to take that tech to every corner of the globe.

The loupe manufacture and supply process is highly complex with over 150 stages. The pre-existing technology infrastructure was too rigid to meet Bryant Dental’s ambition to be an automation-first company.

In order to manage its entire digital landscape, Bryant Dental selected Zoho One for its suite of 45 unified and integrated applications, as well as its wider ecosystem, to meet requirements of affordability, scalability, flexibility and comprehensive solutions.

It currently uses Zoho tools including CRM, Forms, Workdrive, Cliq and Sign to optimise departmental operations—from design, growth, manufacturing, to dispatch and repair. With over 200k monthly tasks now automated with Zoho One integration, errors have significantly reduced, and customer satisfaction has soared.

The company has made significant cost savings after consolidating to one solution and provider. It also no longer needs to outsource customisations to third party developers as the software development can easily be managed in-house.

Dr. Thomas Hayes-Powell, Operations Director at Bryant Dental commented: “I very much see Zoho One and building the software as digital lego. You can build almost anything and everything with no coding experience. It has enabled us to accelerate growth and serve our customers better, driving over 600 5-star glowing reviews. We can now say with confidence that we have achieved a really efficient manufacturing, assembly and dispatch operation.”

Sachin Agrawal, Managing Director of Zoho UK, commented: “Bryant Dental’s implementation of Zoho One underscores the demand for adaptable, scalable software solutions in dynamic business environments. Their success exemplifies how an integrated ecosystem like Zoho One can streamline complex operations, automate tasks, and provide exceptional customer experience.”

Bryant Dental is projecting further domestic and international growth with Zoho One as a key enabler. Hayes-Powell added, “Zoho has always been able to scale while we’ve scaled. We will continue to explore further tools and develop on the platform to improve our solutions as we grow and drive our mission forwards.”


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals