Using data analytics to handle the healthcare needs of a growing population

Data analytics helps us to understand and improve processes to make our lives and businesses more efficient.

Data analytics helps us to understand and improve processes to make our lives and businesses more efficient. In the healthcare industry, data analytics can actually help to save lives and vastly improve patients conditions. With an ever increasing population and society’s growing need for healthcare, data analytics helps to streamline care by evaluating multiple patients at one time and suggesting the next steps in their individual journey’s to health and recovery. Coupled with mobile health technology, data analytics has the potential to provide a more streamlined and accurate diagnosis which in turn speeds up recovery while handling the growing populations needs.

In the future, we will see a rise in the number of organisation harnessing the power of big data and enabling healthcare professionals to anticipate the next steps to take in a patients care. We have made the first steps towards truly harnessing the power of data analytics by hospitals now preparing, scanning and implementing new electronic document management systems which are highly advanced to read, index and make millions of hand written patient notes available quickly. It is now possible to combine information into an electronic indexing system which is organised by patient and available to every healthcare professional involved in the patients care. By simply accessing a secure cloud based infrastructure, healthcare professionals are able to collaborate, see past records easily and make combined and fully informed decisions about a patients care pathway.

Although data can be gathered, stored and analysed to improve care, necessary training for all staff involved is essential. The relevant staff must have access to all insights that have been gained from the data so that they can make data-led decisions and actions appropriately. The reports which are produced need to be sent across to the relevant healthcare professionals so that they can make timely decisions especially in the case of an infection outbreak.

When applied correctly and in a timely manner data analytics will enable healthcare professionals to make better informed decisions in a faster time and save more lives.


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