VirtaMed and Smith+Nephew partner for educational excellence

Smith+Nephew, the global medical technology business, announces a collaboration with VirtaMed to provide surgical simulation training as part of their Training & Education portfolio for advanced surgical devices.

Swiss-based VirtaMed is the world leader in arthroscopy simulation, with the most advanced training simulators for minimally invasive surgical techniques. Smith+Nephew’s original surgical instruments will be adapted and incorporated into new simulation modules for knee, shoulder and hip arthroscopy, including advanced surgical techniques such as rotator cuff repair and meniscal repair.

Crescent and L-shaped rotator cuff tears can be repaired using Smith+Nephew’s innovative shoulder repair solutions including HEALICOIL suture anchors, the FIRSTPASS suture passer, ULTRATAPE sutures and the MULTIFIX implant system. The FAST-FIX 360 Meniscal Repair System will also be made available for simulation training using arthroscopy of the knee.

As a leap forward in digital technologies for surgical training, all of Smith+Nephew’s new simulators will be accessible via VirtaMed’s cloud-based simulation management platform, Connect. This will allow physicians to continue their training online, gaining greater understanding of the benefits of Smith+Nephew’s surgical techniques even when away from the simulator.

“We have realized the value in simulation training as a meaningful part of the educational pathway and I am excited to bring this new method of training into our professional education activities,” stated María Jesús Barrenechea, Senior Vice President, Global Medical Education and Societies. “VirtaMed is clearly the most sophisticated simulation solution provider and is unique in their ability to adapt our devices for simulation.”

VirtaMed will work together with senior experts from Smith+Nephew to identify the key learning objectives associated with each arthroscopic surgical technique and incorporate them into new simulation modules, combining anatomically correct models with photorealistic virtual reality simulation. These modules will be available for select VirtaMed customers who already own an ArthroS™ and of course as part of Smith+Nephew’s ArthroS™ global simulator fleet.

Co-CEO and Founder, Dr. Stefan Tuchschmid commented, “VirtaMed simulators are renowned for their visual and tactile realism. Our team will continue to develop the most realistic simulators possible, and this partnership shows the fruits of our research into simulating more advanced procedures.” Dr. Raimundo Sierra, Co-CEO and Founder, stated that “our collaboration with Smith+Nephew demonstrates our commitment to work with the leading medical device companies around the world, bringing performance-based proficiency training to an increasingly large network of physicians.”

Smith+Nephew’s ArthroS™ simulators will make their debut in the last quarter of 2019, also being rolled out to the Orthopedic Learning Center (OLC) in Chicago. VirtaMed has a long-standing relationship with providing simulation training at the OLC as part of their exclusive partnership with the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA).


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals