Virtual Wards – Transforming the healthcare landscape with Whzan technology

‘Virtual wards’ are providing a much-needed solution in the face of one of the most significant health crises in our lifetimes. The application of innovative technology is offering a different approach that will enhance patient experiences whilst also saving time, money and resource for NHS trusts.

We’re all acutely aware of the extra pressure the Covid-19 pandemic has put on the UK health system. A system already under significant strain, pulled in countless directions and short of beds.

The NHS now needs creative approaches to help relieve these pressures.

Whzan Digital Health are amongst those beginning to turn the tide and transform the landscape of healthcare in the UK. With virtual wards, Whzan are enabling NHS trusts to ensure patients can get the treatment they need whilst simultaneously relieving the pressure around them. Virtual wards offer the chance for patients to continue their treatment at the place they call home, where recovery is likely to be speedier. This comes with no negative impact on the treatment, monitoring or care they receive. All that’s needed is the right application of the right technology.

Whzan were well-placed to drive virtual wards forward – having developed a growing reputation for providing effective, innovative and affordable digital solutions to a range of challenges in the health sector. Their suite of technology now enables the scaling up and down of care. The Blue Box provides the in-depth levels of assessment required for those with more severe conditions, whilst the lighter touch of the free WhzApp is perfect for those with less-serious or improving conditions.

Possibly the most significant factor of virtual wards is placing ownership and control of health and treatment in the hands of the patients themselves. The ground-breaking combination of our intuitive software with affordable hardware allows them to carry out their own assessments in their own homes with data fed directly to clinicians who can alter their care plans accordingly.

NHS trusts across the UK are already seeing the potential benefits of virtual wards coming to fruition. The savings in time, money and resources are set to be significant and allowing health professionals to look ahead to a future in which hospital wards are only for the acutely ill and emergency patients.

Find out more about how Whzan technology can be used to create virtual wards for your patients.

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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals