Voice-Care in the Operating Theatre: Imperial College Healthcare Trust Testimonial

We are thrilled to share with you Voice-Care’s new testimonial from Dr Sadie Syed, Consultant Anaesthetist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Sadie and her colleagues within ICHT have been working alongside Voice-Care to develop a workflow solution which specifically focuses on CVV line insertions; a procedure which typically involves around 40 process steps.

The solution takes clinicians through a step-by-step approach to the procedure, enabling users to confirm that each step has been completed. All data is automatically uploaded to the patient record directly from the point of care.

The results of implementing the solution have been far-reaching for ICHT, with it being described as a ‘game changer’ and a ‘must have.’

As well as ensuring 100% compliance with the LocSSIPs Surgical Checklist, the solution has enabled the full tracking and traceability of the entire CVV line insertion procedure, enabling an accurate and comprehensive audit trail for each individual patient and process.

Theatre location, clinical staff badges, third party products (lines) and patient wristband data are scanned and also confirmed and validated, as well the ability to take and upload photos and videos streams directly to the patient record in real time, with every element being time-stamped and instantly recorded.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals