What custom orthotics businesses look for when investing in design automation software

The custom orthotics industry is experiencing a surge in interest as consumer demand grows for high-quality, tailored orthotic solutions like insoles. This demand shift is prompting manufacturers to transition from traditional manual fabrication methods to more advanced, automated systems. These systems streamline the entire manufacturing process, from initial foot scanning and data capture to digital modification and efficient order processing. As a result, custom-made orthotic insole design software has become a crucial component for businesses aiming to enhance productivity and precision. Below, we explore five key features that custom orthotics businesses prioritize when selecting new design automation software.

1. Easy design generation

For custom orthotics businesses, the ability to quickly and easily generate accurate designs is fundamental. Design automation software that offers intuitive tools and templates allows designers and technicians to create precise orthotic insoles tailored to individual specifications without extensive manual effort. This capability speeds up the design process and enhances the overall efficiency of production, enabling businesses to meet increasing customer demands with high-quality products.

2. Secure user management

As these businesses often handle sensitive customer data, including health and biometric information, robust user management is critical. Effective design automation software incorporates secure user management systems that control access based on user roles and responsibilities. This ensures that only authorized personnel can access specific functionalities and data, protecting sensitive information and complying with stringent privacy regulations.

3. Cloud-based storage

Cloud-based storage solutions offer several advantages for custom orthotics companies. These systems provide secure, scalable storage options that can be accessed from anywhere, facilitating collaboration among teams regardless of their physical location. Additionally, cloud storage reduces the risk of data loss due to local hardware failures and enables seamless updates and maintenance without disrupting the business operations.

4. Easy order management

Efficient order management is essential for maintaining smooth operations and ensuring customer satisfaction. Design automation software that integrates easy order management tools helps businesses track orders from inception through production and delivery. This integration allows for better scheduling, inventory management, and resource allocation, ultimately leading to faster turnaround times and reduced errors in order fulfillment.

5. Data safeguarding

Finally, the safeguarding of data is a top priority, given the personalized nature of custom orthotics. Businesses look for software that both adheres to industry standards for data protection and provides additional safeguards, such as encrypted data transfers and backups. These features help prevent unauthorized access and ensure that customer data remains confidential and secure.

As the custom orthotics market continues to expand, the need for sophisticated design automation software expands too. Businesses are looking for solutions that enhance design and production efficiency whilst ensuring the security and integrity of their operations and customer data. By investing in software that addresses these key areas, custom orthotics manufacturers can better serve their customers and stay competitive in a fast-evolving industry.


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