What have the NHSX been up to?

The NHSX was launched last year on 1 July and have been working on various main tasks.

  • The NHSX are shifting the funding initially intended to give the frontline digitisation from the GDE programme to a new digital aspirant programme.
  • Instead of building an NHS app with huge functionality, they are working on a “thin” app that will enable others to use their APIs to develop their own apps or safely innovate within the NHS.
  • Simplifying the guidance on IG so that there is a simplified, single coherent set of guidelines that staff must follow.
  • Developing AI in healthcare.
  • With HEE, the skills, confidence and leadership will be built in digital transformation.
  • NHSX have been working with NHSD to set up a team to help with what must be negotiated nationally. A centre of expertise will help with arrangements involving data.
  • Many new positions will be filled like a Director of AI and five new leads for NHSX missions.
  • The first permanent CPO has been appointed and will soon be appointing the new CIO and Chief Commercial Officer.

The NHSX will be continuing with programmes that had already been launched and also be starting new ones like building the IT back-end for Coronavirus screenings.

Here are a few highlights from the last 6 months:

  • Standards are being tested for medications and in the next year they will be implemented across all care sectors.
  • New national services have been introduced like the event management service and record locator to support location of notifications of events and records
  • A thriving events programme was established for digital health events and innovators which were held in London and Leeds.
  • NHS App has had over 107,000 appointments made and more than 1.9 million logins. The App has also been overhauled to support other providers of other apps. Seven other services have also been enabled to connect NHS login with forty-nine approved to work. This was made possible with NHSD and NHSX working closer together.
  • £140m has been provided for the next 3 years to accelerate evaluation and testing of AI technologies through the launching of AI Award in Health and Care.
  • Digital professionals were deployed to work with Children and Young Person’s Mental Health providers to improve the services they offer and meet the commitment to offer 100,000 women a digital maternity plan (as part of the Long Term Plan). This helps to support the sharing of maternity clinical data and meet patients’ needs.
  • 80 blueprints were produced through the GDE programme which helps successor organisations digitise effectively and quickly.

Soon a Tech Plan will be introduced that will set out the NHSX’s plans in more detail and demonstrate how tech will help deliver the NHS Long Term Plan.

Article source: https://healthtech.blog.gov.uk/2020/02/26/nhsx-what-have-we-been-up-to/


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