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WiFi SPARK partners with Samsung to offer free TV services in hospitals

WiFi SPARK, a leading provider of Wi-Fi and technology solutions for hospitals, today announces a new partnership with Samsung, providing hospitals with internet connected devices that improve the Patient Experience. With Samsung’s tablets and smart TVs supporting WiFi SPARK’s SPARK Media platform, hospitals can replace current bedside TV units and give patients access to TV, radio, as well as newspapers and magazines, for free.

Patient entertainment in hospitals is limited; the large bedside monitors in many hospitals charge patients between £5 to £10 a day to access television and communications services, while print magazines and newspapers are often limited to prevent the spread of infection. With Samsung’s devices supporting WiFi SPARK’s SPARK Media platform, patients will have access to channels 1 to 5, 24 hours a day, free of charge, as well as free access to hospital radio, newspapers and magazines.  Once made available in hospitals, and for a small cost, patients can also choose to watch additional Freeview channels, movies and boxsets, as well as accessing a range of eBooks.

The SPARK Media platform also allows patients to order meals from devices and gives staff access to patient records. With Samsung devices readily available within hospitals, patients and staff will be able to take advantage of these new services. The devices available to hospitals will be the Samsung Galaxy Active Tablet and the Hospitality Smart TV.

“Samsung shares our passion for using technology to make a real difference to the experience patients have in hospital. In hospital is arguably when want entertainment the most, but it is costly and supported by slow and out-dated technology,” said Matt O’ Donovan, CEO at WiFi SPARK. “Partnering with Samsung allows us to bring the Patient Experience into the 21st century, offering patients modern technology and empowering them with free access to entertainment services.”

The Samsung tablets and smart TVs made available to hospitals will be fitted with Samsung’s lockdown software, Knox. If a Samsung device is taken off hospital premises, it will shut down and become unusable. The device will display a message with the hospital address and if the device is not returned within a certain time frame, a maximum volume alarm will sound. An email notifying the hospital that a device has been taken will also be sent shortly after the device has left the premises.

Suzanne Homeward, Enterprise Sales Director at Samsung, said “The Patient Experience is in need of a digital makeover, and it’s time to provide patients with technology they are familiar with, that can help optimise their recovery time and make their stay more enjoyable and comfortable. Our partnership with WiFi SPARK gives us the opportunity to expand our B2B offerings into the healthcare sector, and we are excited to be working alongside a company that is making a tangible difference to the patient hospital experience.”

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