3 Keys to Award-Winning Digital Healthcare Solutions: Insights from ScienceSoft

In the recent years, the healthcare industry is pushed towards using digital technologies by both external factors (e.g., COVID-19 pandemic and rise in long-term complications) and internal issues such as shortage of skilled medical professionals. After the onset of COVID-19, many healthcare organizations stepped into the digital realm and introduced online care options. The approach proved to be fruitful: Accenture reported that 26% of US respondents have even better access to the medical services.

Surely, it is just a stepping stone. In the upcoming decade, the technology companies will help hospitals shape the future of healthcare by creating tailored innovative solutions. ScienceSoft, the winner of our 2022 Awards in the category Best Healthcare Technology Solution, sat down with Health Tech Digital to discuss the route to digital success. A renowned innovator with 17 years of experience in healthcare software development, ScienceSoft shares three key aspects of success in the digital age.

Stable and Efficient Clinical Processes

Buying a set of off-the-shelf software products won’t buy you reliable clinical operations, says Halina Batsishcha, MD, Healthcare IT Consultant at ScienceSoft. “When working with hospitals, we usually start from healthcare IT consulting. We analyze the customer’s business needs and clinical processes to create a holistic digital strategy. It helps get the most value from the existing IT systems, new custom software, and IT products,” she clarifies.

To build reliable clinical operations and bring patient experience to the next level, ScienceSoft offers a variety of medical IT services: software optimization and modernization, migration to a HIPAA-compliant cloud, software integration, etc. “To create a convenient environment for medical staff, we focus on custom records storage software (e.g., specialized EHR systems) and hospital applications for physicians and nurses,” says Halina.

Patient Care Innovations in Action

“Working with medium and large healthcare providers across the US and the EU, we see a particular interest in advanced medical solutions,” shares Nick Kurayev, CEO at ScienceSoft. “Decades-long experience inspires us to innovate every step of the way and create IT solutions that leverage techs like telehealth, artificial intelligence, machine learning, image analysis, blockchain.”

Another beneficial area for healthcare providers is software as a medical device (SaMD) and IoT solutions powered by medical devices. According to Kurayev, it is a good opportunity for healthcare providers to use these technologies to accelerate conditions monitoring, automated therapy delivery, rehabilitation, early diagnostics, etc.

Continuous Monitoring and Support

To bring business value, the digital solutions should be stable, secure, and demonstrate exceptional performance. “Every hour of IT ecosystem downtime brings monetary losses and may result in poor quality of healthcare services and worsened patient outcomes,” says Nick Kurayev. “As a technology partner, we recognize these business risks and offer both proactive and reactive healthcare IT support.” ScienceSoft’s engineers manage to achieve 99.95%–99.99% availability of medical applications due to their proactive infrastructure monitoring approach.

ScienceSoft is a US-headquartered international IT consulting and software development company. In IT since 1989 and in healthcare since 2005, ScienceSoft completed 100+ successful medical IT projects and their remote patient monitoring solution for clinics of North America won a Health Tech Digital Award.


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