A revolution in laparoscopic training: KARL STORZ and VirtaMed leap beyond VR simulation

KARL STORZ, the leading endoscopy manufacturer, and VirtaMed, world leader in medical training simulation, introduce a novel mixed reality simulator bringing innovation to laparoscopic skills training.

The long-term collaboration between KARL STORZ and VirtaMed in the domain of medical simulation reaches a milestone with the development of LapTrainer, a cutting-edge hybrid simulator designed to maximize the benefits of simulation in laparoscopy. The new simulator offers a unique training approach enabling medical professionals to acquire key skills with increased efficiency by repetition of short simulation sequences. Medical professionals can now practice patient positioning, trocar placement and correct OR team setup in true-to-life conditions, as the simulator features an anatomically correct abdomen model. This endoscopic training takes advantage of the latest research in computer graphics, including the ability to visualize and manipulate the entire abdomen.

LapTrainer includes KARL STORZ flagship products such as the EndoCAMeleon®, a multifunctional endoscope with a versatile viewing angle, the CLICKline and RoBi® instrument series and near infrared fluorescence imaging applications for the clear differentiation of key anatomical structures from surrounding organs using an ICG fluorescence agent.

“Overtaking existing laparoscopy simulators, LapTrainer with an abdominal model and real and high-quality endoscopic equipment provides excellent training and education in laparoscopy.

Education and training of surgeons is an important part when cooperating with the medical community and following this we have expanded our Virtual Reality Simulator family. For the surgeon’s safety and the well-being of the patient,” notes Dr. Peter Solleder, Executive Director New Applications at KARL STORZ.

Dr. Stefan Tuchschmid, Co-CEO and Founder of VirtaMed notes, “We are very proud of this project as it combines the best of box model and cadaver training with the benefits of high-fidelity simulation training. This is another great step on our joint pathway towards improving the quality of medical training and we are excited to bring simulators of the highest quality and realism to medical professionals.” Co-CEO and Founder of VirtaMed, Dr. Raimundo Sierra, states, “Mutual trust and a shared vision to improve surgical skills training are at the heart of our collaboration with KARL STORZ. Our fruitful cooperation has led to an exciting new chapter in the domain of laparoscopic training and resulted in a state-of-the-art simulator that I look forward to being used by physicians around the world.”

“The development of minimally invasive surgery is directly linked to the name KARL STORZ. Our main goal is always to improve patient care by providing cutting edge technology and latest training options for surgeons.

With VirtaMed we have found an excellent partner with whom we can successfully realize these new training solutions,” explains Gabriele Punner, Director VR Simulation at KARL STORZ.

The collaboration between KARL STORZ and VirtaMed was initiated in 2015, when the endoscopy specialist first incorporated high-fidelity arthroscopy, gynecology and urology simulators into training and continued education programs organized across hospitals and specialized training centers worldwide. LapTrainer further extends the multi-disciplinary KARL STORZ simulator platform now into visceral surgery.



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