Ambulance clinicians to access patient data on the go

A new pilot scheme will give ambulance clinicians the chance to access data without a Smartcard.

The London Ambulance Service is beginning a pilot scheme were ambulance clinicians can access patient data without the use of a Smartcard. The project enables clinicians to securely log into Summary Care Record data without requiring an N3 or Smartcard. Instead, it uses the new NHS Identity Service.

The scheme hopes to give clinicians access to crucial data that they need to treat the patient and to prevent the patient from having to talk about their medical history, especially if they are in pain or distress. As a result, it should reduce the time spent with patients and can also reduce A&E admissions too.

The initial pilot is at Camden Ambulance Station. Sixty medics will have access to data from an initial user base which they will be able to pull up securely on iPads. The plan is to show the benefits of the Summary Care Record being accessible on any device, without requiring a Smartcard.

Camden Ambulance Station will run the pilot for 16 weeks and will use the feedback for ongoing product development focusing on both the end user and the technical capacity.

If the trial proves to be successful, the plan will be to roll out the initiative across the London Ambulance Service. As well as this, it hopes to increase availability for both Android and Windows devices.

The Chief Clinical Information Officer at London Ambulance Service said; “This trial is at the forefront of our use of pioneering technology to bring about real change to the care we provide and we hope to be able to roll this system out across the capital.”

The Programme Head for NHS Identity and Mobile SCRa said of the pilot; “We hope to see that this brings real benefits to the working day of medics and A&E staff and, most importantly, to patients.”

You can read more about the pilot with NHS Digital here.

Article source: https://digital.nhs.uk/news-and-events/latest-news/ambulance-clinicans-to-access-patient-information-on-the-move-without-a-smartcard


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