NHS Digital data monitoring and analytics available to NHS organisations

NHS can now make better use of machine-generated information with NHS Digital.

NHS Digital is enabling NHS organisations to have access to a data monitoring, and analytics platform that will help them to make better use of machine-generated data. This comes as NHS Digital and Splunk Enterprise have agreed on a deal that allows local organisations to access the data through their analytic system.

With this new framework, local organisations can access real-time data, reduce the risk of service issues and is a more cost-effective approach to obtaining insight from machine data. It is hoped this scheme can also provide better protection against cyber threats too.

The new deal will help to reduce system incidents by up to 45% and can help with the detection of security threats by up to 90%. Currently, Splunk Enterprise works across the NHS in other initiatives such as NHS 111, Care Identity System, NHS Spine and e-Referral Service. Splunk Enterprise also offers training sessions, events and scenario-based learning to improve its use and functionality within the NHS.

Vice President of Splunk Enterprise explains; “Our priority is always ensuring customer success, and with this new framework in place to purchase Splunk Enterprise and become trained to use it, we look forward to working with more NHS Trusts on their digital transformations.”

The Associate Director for Platforms and Infrastructure at NHS Digital says; “Splunk Enterprise has been a key strategic product for NHS Digital for several years and has had a real benefit to ensuring the systems and platforms that the NHS rely on are monitored and available to support patient care.”

You can read more on this story with NHS Digital here.

Article source: https://digital.nhs.uk/news-and-events/latest-news/nhs-digital-deal-offers-nhs-organisations-better-insight-into-system-data

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