BookingLive supports NHS during COVID-19 with free apps

BookingLive, a Software-as-a-Service company that provides mobile-first booking & scheduling experiences, has deployed a suite of free and innovative solutions to support the NHS through COVID-19.

The COVID-19 digital transformation booking and scheduling solution package including; the Virus Appointment Scheduling System, the Volunteer, Staff, PPE & Resource Emergency Online Booking & Management Solution and the Childcare Booking Solution, allows the NHS to navigate the logistical challenges of the ‘new normal’ by providing access to online booking solutions.

●      The Virus Appointment Scheduling System means NHS and local government teams can implement test scheduling in their region so patients can easily book appointments whether it be at a large-scale centre, door step visits, or mobile testing teams. The teams can then feed the medical testing results into a centralised system already being used by governmental organisations across the country.

●      The Volunteer, Staff, PPE & Resource Emergency Online Booking & Management Solution enables citizens and organisations to upload their volunteer dates and resources, as well as physical items such as rooms, spaces, vehicles etc. that NHS and local government departments can access in one place to allocate the right staff, volunteers, resources and equipment to departments and apply for resourcing such as PPE.

●      The Childcare Booking Solution allows NHS and frontline staff access to an online scheduling solution 24/7 on any device for childcare and also allows better resource management for childcare providers. Enabling more efficient social distancing planning. For example, staggering start times so that cleaning buffer times and staggered drop-offs can be implemented.

“NHS departments across all our communities are facing the same challenge – how to get the right resources to the right people at the right time,” says Vinnie Morgan, CEO of BookingLive. “Urgent needs such as allocation of volunteers and PPE are not being met because supply networks such as staff agencies and manufacturers are too fragmented for already stretched institutions to process in time. This puts strain on those triaging the deployment of resources and leaves the vulnerable exposed.”

BookingLive’s customisable system automates common logistical functions in resource booking management and applies them to multiple crisis resource settings. Enabling the consolidation of inventories of facilities, people and goods, prioritising their distribution, and providing an adaptable booking interface that allows the resources available to reach the people seamlessly.

“We have built these free systems on an existing solution which handles millions of transactions daily and because we already work with hospitals, health bodies, local government, private companies and voluntary organisations, this means that the system is easily customisable for emergency response events,” continues Morgan.

“We are ready to immediately deploy at any scale necessary, from single, smaller organisations such as a care home, to a nationwide and even international roll-out. It’s risk free for users wanting to utilise any of the solutions as there are no costs involved. We look forward to using our innovations to help more departments book critical appointments and manage their resources more effectively to relieve the added pressures put on our healthcare ecosystem.”

In action

BookingLive is working with organisations such as E-ACT, a multi-academy trust responsible for 28 academies in England as well as working with the likes of Bristol’s Clifton College to provide childcare for NHS staff and key workers in the new social distanced manner.

“We are humbled to be able to continue to provide a childcare service for NHS and key workers during these extraordinary times. The BookingLive system has been key to the ability for NHS staff to book the sessions they need, and for us to staff and allocate rooms accordingly. The easy to use interface and the amazing team at BookingLive have supported us brilliantly,” says Ben Roberts of E-ACT.


BookingLive recently took part in the COVID-19 Global Hackathon to provide solutions for the pandemic and won first place for the category Solidarity in Action for its Coordinate-19 solution. BookingLive was the only British organisation to make it even to the top 10 amongst 15,000 participants globally.

“There is an acceptance and understanding that we are in this for the long haul as the vaccine is proving slow to market so waves of the outbreak are inevitable. We need longer term solutions to adapt, survive and build resilience post-pandemic,” says Sam Johnston, CMO at BookingLive.

The COVID-19 digital transformation booking and scheduling solution package: :

●      Virus Testing Appointment Scheduling System

●      Volunteer, Staff, PPE & Resource Emergency Online Booking & Management Solution

●      Frontline Worker Childcare Booking Solution

●      Online Virtual Appointment Scheduling

●      Online Virtual Course and Class Training Systems

●      Online Virtual Therapy Session Bookings

●      Online Event Scheduling and Management


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