Brand new state-of the-art hospital given green light

As part of government’s commitment to build forty new hospitals by 2030, a new Epsom and St Helier Hospital in Sutton has been approved after Health Secretary Matt Hancock gave the go-ahead last month.

As part of the government’s health and infrastructure plan, £3.7 billion has been pledged for the forty hospitals, and both patients and the public will be able to be involved in the shaping of the new services on offer.

The plans were approved after the Health Secretary received independent advice, and now the South-West London and Surrey residents will benefit from a new state-of the art NHS hospital. The hospital will be built in Sutton whilst the district health services will remain in the modernised buildings at Epsom and St Helier.

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said:

“This new hospital will be transformational for patients and staff at Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals Trust and the wider community.

“I look forward to seeing the hospital take shape over the coming months and years, and hope that the public will be as involved as possible in shaping the new services.

“This new hospital is one of 40 we are building up and down the country by 2030, as part of our £3.7 billion hospital building programme.”

Daniel Elkeles, Chief Executive, Epsom and St Helier University Hospital Trust, said:

“We welcome the advice from the Independent Reconfiguration Panel, and are delighted that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has agreed that we should proceed with investing £500 million in a new hospital at Sutton, and in Epsom and St Helier hospitals.”

“We are now proceeding at full speed to design the new hospitals and will soon be engaging with our local communities on the new hospital facilities. All being well we aim to have builders on site in Sutton in Spring 2022, with a new Specialist Emergency Care Hospital opening in 2025.”

In spring, a public consultation was held and the Health Secretary then referred the decision to build the new hospital to the Independent Reconfiguration Panel.

The panel took all aspects into consideration and found that the proposals that were made are in the best interests of local health services and will improve local health outcomes. The panel could not find any reasons why Sutton should not be the site for the new hospital, and concluded that the proposals should proceed.

One of the observations made by the panel, is that the public’s input should be used in shaping the new services, as this will allow for the maximum benefit from them.

As part of the government’s manifesto commitment, a further eight schemed have been invited to bid as part of the £3.7 billion pledge to build 40 new hospitals by 2030.

Article source: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-epsom-and-st-helier-hospital-in-sutton-given-green-light


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