Care Business Releases Advice on Caring for Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s During the Pandemic

Hales Group offering guidance on how to care for those with Alzheimer’s at home during the pandemic.

Caring for an elderly relative is far from a simple undertaking, but when that loved one has Alzheimer’s, life as a carer can become far more difficult. This is precisely why the care group Hales has offered guidance on how to care for loved ones at home during the pandemic.

While the condition itself doesn’t increase someone’s risk of catching COVID-19, some

associated behaviours such as advancing age and common health conditions may increase the risk. The advice offered by Hales Care is to ensure that a carer is ensuring:

  • Signs are placed in the bathroom as a reminder to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and hot water.
  • They are demonstrating how to wash hands, as per government guidelines, as frequently as is necessary.
  • They are wiping down surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes and sprays several times a day.
  • Carrying at least 60% alcohol hand sanitiser when out and about.
  • Anyone coming into the home to provide additional care is temperature checked and wearing the correct PPE.

In addition to this, a representative from the Hales Group had this to say, “It’s important to remember that although someone with Alzheimer’s needs to be cared for physically, the mental stimulus is just as crucial.

“Your loved one may not be able to see family members and friends during this time, so we believe it’s so important to continue to encourage regular contact – whether that’s through Skype or letter writing – to ensure that your loved one can still enjoy some form of social interaction.”


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