Certific expands remote testing platform to include secure home screening for UTI patients

Digital disruptor in healthcare, Certific, expands its technology platform, enabling healthcare providers to undertake remote medical testing, and scale the service to more patients. Starting with the launch of its Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) digital screening service, Certific’s process guides the patient through simple certified procedures, so that medical professionals can focus on more complex and urgent consultations. Certific’s software platform will soon be scaled to support testing in other diseases that have a better prognosis with early intervention, such as STI’s and other infections. UTI’s are a very common recurring condition, with 40% of women expected to suffer from one during their lifetime, and 4.8 million women in the UK suffering from a UTI each year.
UTIs consequently take up a large proportion of resources within the healthcare system, accounting for up to 10 million GP appointments each year, according to NHS data. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that patients can test themselves accurately, with clear instructions, at home. This decreases patient waiting time, increases uptake and enables physicians to reach an immediate initial diagnosis, giving them more control over the speed of treatment decisions.Partnering with Certific, healthcare providers can direct patients to the Certific platform to receive a UTI Test and Treatment kit within 24 hours after experiencing symptoms. Patients will then complete a short health questionnaire through the Certific app and undertake a guided self-test to receive accurate results.

Healthcare professionals may then provide advice directly to the patient along with a tailored treatment plan, which can include a medical prescription, within 60 minutes after submitting the result. Dr Jack Kreindler, Co-Founder, Certific said: “There’s a huge demand on the healthcare sector and it’s not possible to train and recruit enough GP’s and medical professionals to meet this demand, so we need to start finding solutions. “Our goal is to empower patients with the knowledge and means to safely perform simpler medical tests at home and radically free up healthcare professionals’ time, which can be used for more complicated work, enabling patients to get a faster, accurate diagnosis and improved treatment for UTI’s and other infections. We are able to do this to the quality of an accredited medical laboratory with exceptional practice standards.” “We work with leading organisations and independent, internationally recognised academic institutions to validate our processes and professional standards giving patients and medical professionals peace of mind.”


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