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CHEC launches brand-new endoscopy service following successful expansion of facilities

CHEC (Community Health and Eye Care), one of the largest providers of community-based ophthalmology services in the UK, has launched a new endoscopy service as it expands beyond its renowned eyecare services.

Endoscopy waiting lists are currently some of the largest in the country affecting around half a million patients, including those waiting for vital cancer screenings, treatments or tests. With endoscopy activity dropping by 90% since the onset of the pandemic, CHEC’s provision of endoscopy services will crucially aid the NHS in easing its backlog and ensure patients receive the services they need.

CHEC’s endoscopy services debuted in Nottingham on April 14th. Since the launch, CHEC has been working closely with Nottingham University Hospital to deliver high quality and efficient services, bringing CHEC’s new offering to patients requiring diagnostic endoscopy.

CHEC’s endoscopy facilities utilise brand new state-of-the-art equipment including endoscopes, irrigation pumps, ColoAssist, CO2 insufflator systems and have on site decontamination/sterilisation services to ensure IPC compliance. CHEC’s endoscopy nurses and healthcare professionals have all completed bespoke training developed by Healthcare Skills to ensure that patients receive the highest standard of care.

Throughout the pandemic, CHEC has provided much needed support to the NHS as a trusted partner and has received positive feedback with 99% of patients happy to recommend CHEC to friends and family.

The launch of endoscopy services follows CHEC’s large-scale expansion of facilities, with new sites across the Midlands, Dorset, and Newcastle. The investment in new sites has enabled CHEC to support local communities across the country with vital healthcare services. Following CHEC’s successful launch of endoscopy services in Nottingham, it plans to expand to other locations in 2022.

Jon Dore, Chief Operating Officer at CHEC, said: “The launch of our endoscopy services to people in Nottinghamshire is an exciting milestone for CHEC. We have worked hard to ensure that our patients will receive outstanding care, in keeping with the very high standards of care we provide to patients using our ophthalmology services. We are confident that we can make a huge difference in bringing our efficient, bespoke services to patients in need of diagnostic endoscopy services. We also plan to expand our endoscopy services across the country, so we can further support the NHS on tackling the backlog of patients who require these critical services.”


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