Emerging Trends in Home Diagnostics

Taking care of your health is always important no matter what age you are. However, many people are choosing to stay home more due to the COVID-19 pandemic so they aren’t necessarily getting their regular checkup at the doctor’s office like they should be getting. Fortunately, there are more ways than ever to check your own health without going to a doctor’s office through home diagnostics devices. Take a look at these recent trends in the home diagnostics industry.

DNA Tests

Based on your family history, you might have a higher chance of contracting certain diseases and disorders those not related to you don’t have to worry about as much. However, you might not be able to fully understand the background of your family even if you know them well which is why DNA tests come in handy. Services like 23andme, Dynamic DNA Laboratories, and Ancestry offer DNA test kits in which customers can send in a sample of their DNA to their labs to get back information like family history and important data on what diseases they should be regularly screening for. Those interested in looking into their own health at home should look at the always changing industry of DNA tests.


Diseases like the flu and COVID-19 can have similar symptoms like having a high temperature. Possessing a thermometer at home can be a good way to continuously monitor if you or someone around you is having a fever so that you can get treatment as quickly as possible. Through advancements in technology, thermometers have gotten better in that they don’t need to be placed in the mouth or ear as they can be used from a distance by just aiming at someone’s head. Adapt to current-day home diagnostics devices by picking up a modern thermometer.

Pregnancy Tests

Women who are pregnant typically have to undergo certain health restrictions to help themselves and the future of their baby. However, some women find out a lot later than they should have that they are pregnant which potentially causes issues. Today, women can be protected by choosing to pick up modern pregnancy tests that come in different forms than they used to be. Modern pregnancy tests include important factors like quicker testing along with digital displays that make it easier to see if a test result ends up being positive or negative. Any women that are trying to become pregnant should look into keeping modern pregnancy tests around so they can quickly adjust to being a pregnant woman if the time comes around.

STD Tests

Sexually transmitted diseases are some of the most important diseases to look out for as they can not only cause issues for yourself but easily be spread to any of your partners if you don’t know you have them. A problem that has existed for a long time with STDs is that many people feel that they are too embarrassed to go into a doctor’s office to ask for an STD test which can lead to even fatal issues such as discovering that you tested positive for AIDS way too late. Fortunately today, STD tests are available online in which patients can be sent a kit to their house in which they can use and send back so that they can get STD results without even going to a doctor’s office. As time passes, these tests are being able to get processed faster so that patients don’t have to worry about potentially waiting a long time and spreading an STD to someone else who doesn’t know it yet. Look into how home STD tests can change how you treat these diseases.

Blood Pressure

As you get older, you must take a good look into your blood pressure as it can issues long-term like heart disease if you don’t treat it. Today, blood pressure can be monitored at home through modern devices that quickly give blood pressure to the exact number. From there, patients can work with doctors through their phone and online to advise on what they could potentially do for food and exercise to help their blood pressure or to prescribe important prescriptions that would lower their blood pressure. Those who are getting older should be looking into ways that they can monitor their blood pressure at home if they are running into issues or feel they could in the future.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 has become the largest problem of 2020 all around the world due to how much the disease can spread once someone has caught it. Manufacturers like Everlywell have chosen to create home testing kits for COVID-19 so those that feel they have it or been around someone confirmed to have it can take a test at home and send it in without going to a testing center and potentially spreading it to someone who doesn’t have it. Home testing kits for COVID-19 are just one of the ways healthcare workers are fighting this pandemic.


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