“Epilepsy patients set to benefit from non-invasive, real-time molecular breath analysis”

Deep Breath Intelligence is pleased to announce the launch of DBI-EPIbreath®, a simple breath test that can provide reliable estimates of circulating concentrations of the antiseizure medication (ASM) valproic acid to aid patient management. This innovative diagnostics tool will be showcased at the European Epilepsy Congress taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, from the 9th to the 13th of July.

Fast diagnosis and quick medication decisions are essential for epileptic seizure control. Standard therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) approaches are based on measuring drug concentrations in plasma or serum, but this has limitations, and it can take several days to turn around results. DBI-EPIbreath® is the first CE-IVDD certified, non-invasive test that allows real-time measurement of the total and free concentrations of valproic acid in a breath sample, delivering results in just 10 minutes. The test combines secondary electrospray ionization-high resolution mass spectrometry (SESI-HRMS) with sophisticated bioinformatic tools to assist in the management of ASM dosing regimens. Patients simply exhale into a SESI-HRMS instrument, and the data is analyzed using machine learning algorithms. DBI-EPIbreath® also predicts the likelihood – low, moderate or high – of drug response, as well as providing a side effects risk score, helping clinicians to identify whether a patient is likely to benefit from the treatment and/or suffer from unwanted side effects.

Tests can be performed as often as necessary, making the technique an ideal fast and non-invasive diagnostics tool to complement blood testing. It is particularly advantageous for pediatric patients – where blood draws can be challenging – or if more frequent testing is required for any reason, such as individuals who are non-responsive or develop pharmaco-resistance. This machine learning approach has potential to be expanded to include other ASMs in the future, enabling many more people with epilepsy to benefit from fast, non-invasive TDM.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals