JUNE 2020

Excellence In Healthcare North

17th - 18th June 2020, Shrigley Hall Hotel & Spa ​Cheshire.
“The public sector needs to cut costs, do more with less, improve efficiency and increase the quality of services delivered to citizens.” We’ve been hearing this since 2010 and all Healthcare Trusts and Local Authorities are continuing to do this. However, simply cutting the budget and improving efficiency within individual organisations is not enough, there needs to be a more integrated approach to the delivery of services.

In line with the Health and Social Care Act, Public Health functions were transferred from the NHS to Local Government and since then we have begun to see a different landscape for how care is delivered. However, the path to a fully integrated care programme is not straight forward and we still have a long way to go, although there are some exemplar examples to learn from of which many will be talked about at this meeting.

The Excellence In Healthcare meeting will bring together senior leaders from across the NHS and Local Government to network with each other and discuss the current hot topics.

For more information about Excellence In Healthcare please visit: https://www.oscarkrane.com/excellence-in-healthcare-north.html

JUNE 2020

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