Excellence In Healthcare South

25th - 26th November, De Vere Selsdon Estate Hotel South Croydon.

It is said that change happens slowly, particularly when it comes to the NHS and the wider public sector, but in the last 12 months it has changed significantly. Since the last event NHSX has launched, a number of CCG’s have merged with many more due to do so shortly and NHS Long Term Plan is in full swing. These are just the headlines.

With so many changes individuals from Chief Executives to front line clinicians are wondering what does all this mean for me, my organisation, and more importantly, the patient? There is still a level of uncertainty surrounding NHSX and how it will help the delivery of the NHS Long-Term Plan, but time the answers to this seem to be coming out as the days pass.

Digital Transformation appears to be rapidly rising up the agenda with NHS organisations looking at how to implement and use technology for the better from an organisational perspective as well as for patient empowerment and engagement view. Add to this the real-term percentage increase to the NHS budget, it would seem that we are finally on the verge of creating a truly technologically advanced NHS.

That being said, with change comes new challenges and it is these along with many existing challenges and topics we will be discussing at the Excellence In Healthcare event. As the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock said “Because I care about patients getting the best treatment, I care about the NHS getting the best technology”. This event will look at how the NHS can use this technology and what part every individual has to play to enable this transformation.

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