Government Updates The Digital Charter

The charter hopes the be the basis which the digital economy and society as a whole can thrive.

The Digital Charter has been issued to help businesses, citizens and society as a whole with its innovative-friendly regulations. The charter can help to provide stability for businesses while also increasing public trust.

Through the Industrial Strategy, the government are investing £7 billion in research and development. With the funding, it is hoped it will help with growing the economy, increasing productivity and raising living standards. However, to ensure this happens, regulations will be necessary to create a stable and predictable environment where businesses can thrive.

As a result, the Digital Charter will have several guiding principles which include;

  • Making the internet open, accessible and free
  • Ensure personal data is protected
  • A commitment to keeping people safe online
  • Ensuring people understand the rules of online behaviour
  • Upholding the same rights that people online as well as offline
  • Making sure the benefits of new technology are shared fairly.

To uphold these principles, the Digital Charter include a code of practice for social media which helps to protect people from abusive behaviour. Furthermore, the Digital Charter consists of a Code of Practice for the Internet of Things. This helps to ensure security in internet-connected products. The charter also includes a new standard for protecting personal data

The Digital Charter also consists of several promises from the government which include;

  • Developing a regulatory framework to tackle harmful online content
  • Engaging with the Centre for Data Ethics to examine issues with fundamental policy changes
  • Reviewing regulations for online advertising in the UK
  • Developing a National Data Strategy to build public trust
  • Creating responses to digital market challenges.

You can read more about the Digital Charter here.

Article source: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/digital-charter/digital-charter


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