What You Need To Know About NHSX

How the NHS will improve the patient experience through technology.

The NHSX is a newly formed organisation that aims to provide patients and staff with the technology they need. NHSX stands for National Health Service User Experience and will include a number of digital experts as well as national policy teams in a bid to support the NHS in a variety of ways.

Goals of the NHSX

There are several ways that the NHSX will help the NHS, some of which are;

  • To allow patients to access more NHS services through their smartphones
  • To ensure clinicians have the relevant diagnostic data for their patient
  • To enable the collection and use of patient data to benefit research
  • To provide staff and patients with the digital technology they need.

Who’s Involved

NHSX comprises of a team of world-class technical experts such as the CEO, Matthew Gould. Gould’s previous positions include Director of Cyber Security for the Cabinet Office and Director General for Digital and Media. Furthermore, he is a former ambassador to Israel.

It is the role of Matthew Gould to set a national direction on technology across healthcare settings, reporting into both the Health and Social Care Secretary and Chief Executive of NHS England. The team will also include a Chief Technology Officer.

The first task of the NHSX is to create data standards across the NHS so that all the systems in place can talk to each other.

Speaking about the launch of NHSX, the Health and Social Care Secretary said; “NHSX will be led by the brilliant Matthew Gould, and will harness the full potential of technology to improve patient experience and make our NHS the very best it can be. Matthew has a wealth of experience in managing large digital projects, and I am delighted to have him on board.”

The CEO of NHSX, Matthew Gould said; “I will know I have succeeded if in 2 years we have reduced the crazy amount of time that clinicians spend inputting and accessing patient information, if we have given patients the tools so they can access information and services directly from their phones, and if we have started to build a system in which patient information can be securely accessed from wherever it is needed, ensuring safer and better care as patients move around the system, and saving patients from having to tell every doctor and nurse their story over and over again.”

Article source: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/nhsx-digital-experts-will-be-part-of-cancer-and-mental-health-teams


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