Greater Manchester digital platform offers vital support during COVID-19

New tech platform, including Civica’s MultiVue, is supporting Greater Manchester’s health and social care response to the pandemic.

A number of health and social care settings across Greater Manchester are now benefiting from a new situation reporting system, as part of the Greater Manchester digital platform, to monitor PPE stock levels, staffing availability, infection rates and outbreaks to identify any early signs of instability.

The Greater Manchester Situation Reporting System is now operational across 540 care homes and enables all ten Greater Manchester councils to share data in one place, creating a visual dashboard to show a clear picture of operational pressures during COVID-19. The system is also live in around 450 GP practices and more than 680 pharmacies.

In November 2019, Greater Manchester appointed several suppliers to develop the digital platform to support the transformation of public services and empower people to take control over their own health, wellbeing and support. Civica was appointed to develop an Enterprise Master Patient Index, via its cloud enabled Master Data Management (MDM) software, MultiVue, to ensure information shared between systems is safely attached to the correct person’s records.

The data and reporting now sit on the Greater Manchester Digital Platform, an advanced technology solution that allows health and public sector professionals to use and share information in real-time. The platform was created to ensure that professionals supporting residents have the right information, at the right time and in the right way. The cloud enabled platform allows shared records to be updated instantaneously and provide a single view of patients, whether updated in the community, GP practice or hospital setting.

Scott Watson, Director of GM Interoperability (Acting), Greater Manchester Digital Platform commented: “MultiVue forms the citizen identity core of the GM Digital Platform and has been pivotal in supporting our COVID response. Using the software’s data sync output against UK government lists, we could easily identify if anyone vulnerable was missing and identify hotspots – MultiVue was instrumental in allowing us to respond rapidly to the COVID crisis.”

The ability to bring together data from multiple business systems and functions to create a single accurate view unlocks exciting opportunities for tech innovation and data insights, enabling multi-agency working across public services and enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction.

Sir Richard Leese, Chair Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership said: “I continue to be incredibly proud of the response in Greater Manchester to this pandemic. The digital response has been no exception – the speed at which this new situation reporting tool is being deployed across our city-region is ground-breaking and is helping us manage this pandemic in a much more coherent and proactive way.”

Chris Owen, Divisional Managing Director at Civica added: “We’re delighted to be contributing to the amazing efforts in Greater Manchester in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the digital platform, Civica’s MultiVue enables teams across the region to rapidly process and manage data from multiple sources to support the most vulnerable and help reduce infection rates.”


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