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Don’t Miss Medesk Free Webinar “How to Recreate the Customer Value Journey in Private Practice?”

It is essential that your private practice provides an excellent quality of service and value for money. This webinar is aimed at you if you want to truly understand your patients’ needs and create a unique value journey for everyone who comes through your door. In particular, we will demonstrate how to progress from selling a single one-off service to offering a complete healthcare experience that your patients will recommend to their friends and family. Rod Solar, Director of Practice Development at LiveseySolar Healthcare Marketing will share his experiences and outline a better way to increase patient loyalty by creating a smart customer value journey.

Wednesday, July 17, 17:00 (GMT)

Hosted by: Rod Solar, Director of Practice Development in LiveseySolar Healthcare Marketing

Register free to learn:

  • How to identify exactly who you’re targeting with patient avatars
  • How to evolve from selling treatments to selling transformation
  • How to take your patients through a journey that adds value at every step
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