NHS Discounts portal- “We Are Discounts” initial phase launched

“We Are Discounts” (previously Brinc Ltd) have accumulated over 1 million members across 400 NHS and Healthcare Organisations. Their aim is to secure exclusive discounts for those who deserve it most, and they currently have over 300 active brand partners including Apple, Amazon and Virgin Holidays.

“Absolute” worked with the UK’s biggest healthcare and NHS discounts website, We are Discounts,  to transform their online presence opening up multiple new revenue streams and creating a solid foundation for growth.

But their existing web infrastructure did not allow them the freedom to make continuous improvements, be reactive to their members, or easily replicate their proposition through multiple sites. It needed to evolve; both functionally and visually, in order to improve acquisition, provide a low-friction user experience and support their plans for growth into new sectors.

Chris Hodgen, Managing Director, Absolute:
“We needed to get the platform working effectively, based on the way users interacted. In doing so, we were able to create a personalised and engaging experience for site visitors as well as equip WAD with the tools to generate hard data in order to negotiate with vendors to get the best deals.”

The new website was built using “Absolute Control”. Absolute’s bespoke CMS solution with a highly-configurable back-end, enables WAD to easily implement new features. This means the team now have maximum control over how their pages are being displayed and what offers their users can see, enabling A/B testing to optimise the web experience, whatever device is being used.

Since its launch, WAD have developed more affinity sites, for carers, charity workers and teachers, within the same web platform that offers the same quality user experience and deep levels of integration; including External API, Share of Voice, third-party search, personalisation and marketing tools that calculate ROI for each offer that appears on the site. All wrapped up in one powerful but simple backend to manage the entire front-end.

“The most exciting part of this project has been the transformation it has enabled throughout the business, explains William Taylor, CFO/COO. “We now have a multi-site infrastructure that has been built from the ground up, with the ability for multiple sites to use the same web application. This has given us opportunities for significant growth, as well as the potential to expand out to more new markets in the future.”

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