Is at-home testing the future of a proactive healthcare revolution?

The COVID pandemic has most certainly made a case for telemedicine but how does and should remote testing play its part in the future of our healthcare system?

Virtual consultations have been crucial during the pandemic, but they are only one bit of the overall picture. Many consultations need testing as part of the follow up, yet there are huge delays in access to blood testing now.

Furthermore, lockdown has definitely had an impact on the nation’s health and wellbeing. Many people are drinking more alcohol than before, comfort eating and doing less exercise. As we approach winter and the shorter, darker days there will be less natural Vitamin D available to us.

At this time when our health and self-care have never been more important, Hamish Grierson, health tech entrepreneur and CEO of Thriva believes that through effective at-home blood testing we can start to see real impact on health outcomes. (In the area of diabetes alone, for example, 3.9million living with this condition in the UK need a blood test every month.)

At-home testing can be delivered remotely with the results accessed online by both medical practitioners and the patient, providing patient engagement and reducing inconvenience. Testing can identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as heart disease, diabetes and liver function.

The company is already working with hospitals and healthcare providers including the Royal Brompton Hospital and Kings College Hospital with great success.

Is now the time to unlock a proactive healthcare revolution?


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals