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Medisafe’s Digital Document Exchange Speeds Medication Approvals

Medisafe, a leading digital therapeutics company specializing in medication engagement that empowers patients in their treatment journey, is helping to close the gaps in patient care with its new Digital Document Exchange feature. The new Digital Document Exchange enables patients to upload and submit required documentation directly through Medisafe’s digital drug companion, speeding approval processes from weeks to ten minutes – allowing patients to begin treatment therapy sooner.

Medisafe’s digital document exchange leverages the company’s best-in-class platform to address barriers that may prohibit patients from starting medication therapy. The new feature expands connectivity and interoperability among nurse teams, hub services and patient support, reducing administrative burdens and increasing efficiencies to fast-track approval processes. By digitizing this feature, care teams and patients have a secure end-to-end channel to verify insurance records, manage re-verification processes, or enroll in copay programs without interruption to treatment.

“This latest platform enhancement is a part of our commitment to build the future model of patient support,” said Rotem Shor, Medisafe co-founder and chief technology officer. “By automating the [digital document] process through Medisafe’s platform, clinicians can review documents in real time, helping to reduce patient program processing from an average of 24 days to just ten minutes. These enhancements create greater trust in programs from pharma organizations, hub partners, providers, and payers to ensure patients feel connected and supported, leading to improved treatment adherence.”

The new digital document exchange enables care teams to spend more time prioritizing other areas of the patient journey, and less time calling patients for required documents. This established channel also helps to strengthen the quality of connection and engagement between patients and their clinicians to ensure they feel supported throughout their treatment. More than nine million users rely on Medisafe’s digital therapeutic platform to help manage their medications, stay engaged in their therapy and create a virtual support system toward living healthier lives. For more information, please visit


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals