Medovate announces first distribution agreement for SAFIRA™ in Asia

Medovate – a dynamic medical device development company specialising in anesthesia, airway management, critical care, and surgery – today announced it has signed an agreement with Singapore company Bluestone Corporation Pte Ltd, launching SAFIRA (SAFer Injection for Regional Anesthesia) into the Asian market.

Developed in collaboration with clinicians from the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, SAFIRA is a revolutionary Class II medical device set to transform regional anesthesia around the world by making it a one-person procedure. It puts control of the injection in the hands of the anesthetist, freeing up their assistants to carry out other tasks. The device also helps to improve patient safety by reducing the risk of nerve damage as it prevents injection above 20psi.

Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, which caused a significant decline in global trade in 2020, Medovate’s latest deal with Bluestone Corporation Pte Ltd – a well-established company specialising in providing the best medical solutions at the most affordable cost to the healthcare industry in Singapore & Malaysia – means it can bring the benefits SAFIRAprovides to the regional anesthesia market in Singapore.

Already launched across the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the agreement marks another milestone for Medovate, bringing the company one step closer to achieving its vision of delivering improved care for patients across the globe.

Chris Rogers, Sales and Marketing Director, Medovate, commented: “We are excited to announce our agreement with Bluestone Corporation to maximise the reach of SAFIRA. The use of regional anaesthesia is increasing in popularity, and as our first distribution partner in Asia, we look forward to working with the team to start to translate the many benefits SAFIRA® can bring to both patients and clinicians in Singapore.”

David Loh, at Bluestone Corporation Pte Ltd, added: “We are very honoured and pleased to be able to work with Medovate to bring SAFIRA, a ground-breaking new technology for regional anaesthesia to Singapore.  The SAFIRA™ increases patient safety and helps promote better outcomes for both professionals and patients.  This align perfectly with what we always believed in.  It is indeed a very exciting time, as SAFIRAwill change how regional anaesthesia is performed here.”

Recent studies have sparked new enthusiasm for regional anesthesia across the world with evidence indicating improved clinical outcomes.[1] During the covid-19 pandemic, the European and American Societies of Regional Anesthesia both produced joint COVID-19 recommendations boldly stating that regional anesthesia should be preferred over general anesthesia as the need to minimise aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs) took precedence.

As demand for such procedures increase globally, SAFIRA– which turns regional anesthesia into a one-person procedure – has the potential to make a significant impact in areas such Asia, where the anesthesia devices market – particularly in the Asia Pacific region – is set to experience further growth in the next five years.



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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals