New interactive dashboard shows regional coronavirus cases and triage figures

A new interactive dashboard was published by NHS Digital with the purpose to show coronavirus cases identified through testing and the number of triages received through NHS Pathways via 111 and 999, as well as the online assessments in 111 Online.

NHS Digital has created and published an interactive progression dashboard to display the following:

  1. the amount of coronaviruses cases picked up via Pillar 1 (patients testing positive at an NHS lab)
  2. The amount of coronavirus cases picked up via Pillar 2 (patients testing positive from a commercial swab) testing as T
  3. The amount of triages through NHS Pathways telephone lines 111 and 999.
  4. The amount of triages through NHS 111 online

This dashboard aims to display the latest available data to keep people up to date on trends and current changes in several locations in England.

The data will be available from 18 March 2020 up to three days prior to the current calendar date.

According to Jem Rashbass, executive director of master registries and data at NHS Digital, they are working hard in collaboration with their partners across the health care sector so that current, vital data can be accessed quickly. This will determine how the pandemic response is formed.

“The reason the progression dashboard is important is because it shows two measures that are associated with changing levels of coronavirus infections – people who have possible symptoms and then the result of the number of tests for the virus. By tracking the two over time at local level we can monitor whether there are possible new hotspots of infection,” Rashbass stated in the press release

Although lockdown regulations across the UK have been relaxed, local outbreaks will be dealt with in a “whack-a-mole” approach to prevent further spread and contain these hotspots immediately.

The dashboard will contribute by providing a quick way to spot these hotspots developing.


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