New Liberty RPA offering from Netcall will unlock efficiencies across healthcare and beyond

Amid a turbulent and pressurised COVID landscape, where resources are increasingly tight and patient demands continue to grow in volume and complexity, there has never been a greater need for rapid and effective process automation. In recognition of this, Netcall,  a provider of intelligent automation and customer engagement solutions, is announcing the launch of Liberty RPA, a robotic process automation solution.

RPA uses software robots to perform a list of actions to automate a task. This list of actions is typically created by watching the user perform that task in an application’s graphical user interface (GUI) and then perform the automation by repeating those tasks directly in the GUI. This solution enables business users to automate processes faster than ever before, and in doing so, free up employees to focus on value-added activities.

AI Powered Liberty RPA joins Netcall’s existing suite of offerings – Liberty Create, Converse, and Connect. Together the Liberty platform opens up a broader range of customer engagement and intelligent automation possibilities than has been possible before.

In addition to enabling businesses to automate processes at pace, new functionality from the RPA solution will also enable automation to happen securely, as all AI processing is completed locally, within a trusted environment, rather than being sent to the cloud. This, combined with new handwriting digit recognition and natural language processing capabilities, will enable businesses to focus more on engaging with and supporting customers, while the RPA solution manages administrative, repetitive tasks.

Prior to official release, Netcall’s RPA software had already enabled a number of businesses to adapt to the ever-changing landscape shaped by COVID-19. AZMM Hospital Midderlares has used Liberty RPA to revolutionise its prescription processes to help scan for harmful side effects.

Robots were used to scan 10,000 patient records to ensure no patients were prescribed medicines that might trigger severe allergies, and the hospital now plans to go further and use Liberty RPA in advance of appointments, to help scan for early signs of diabetes. “The speed and accuracy of the robot doctors’ work rate cannot be replicated by a human. Thanks to this automation technology, members of staff have been able to work on other tasks that bring greater benefits to patients,” explained Kris Ranson, Head of Central Collection.

Richard Billington, CTO at Netcall, comments: “In today’s turbulent landscape, processes have to be automated in software. Liberty RPA makes it easy to do that by putting power in the hands of business and IT people to make it happen. By using robots to support people with their tasks, employees can be freed-up to spend more time with customers. The Liberty RPA platform can quickly gather information from multiple systems and perform steps, improving the overall experience and efficiency.”


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