MARCH 2020

NHS Long Term Plan 2020 London Conference & Exhibition

31 March 2020, Ambassadors Hotel, Bloomsbury, London.
31 March 2020, Ambassadors Hotel, Bloomsbury, London.

This is Open Forum’s 6th annual CPD accredited national event addressing the delivery of the NHS’ overarching strategy. Following our series of conferences assessing the Five Year Forward View, we will hold our second national event providing progress updates on the Long Term Plan’s initiatives for tackling health inequalities, fostering just workplace cultures, developing preventative approaches to care, bridging gaps in mental health service provision and demonstrating fiscal sustainability targets.

Keynote presentations and panel discussions will provide invaluable updates on:

  • How digital technology has the potential to improve communication between departments of the healthcare system, create entirely new pathways of treatment, introduce remote monitoring apps that collect relevant medical information and free up resources whilst the NHS is under significant pressure from central and devolved governments to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Frontline staff delivering new services that are bridging provision gaps in areas such as perinatal mental health care and peer-to-peer MH support services that were previously underserved.
  • Improvements being made to the NHS’ cyber security/data collection policies and practices – as digital healthcare apps and wearable technologies that gather information become commercially mainstream.
  • The NHS Funding Bill; the bill, recently brought before parliament, is designed to legally uphold the government’s pledge guaranteeing increases in funding for the health service each year for the next four years (at least £127bn by 2020/21, rising to £133.2bn by 2021-22, nearly £140bn in 2022/23 and £148.5bn in 2023/24). The CPD accredited programme will also review progress on the government’s delivery of 50,000 more nurses and plans to restore bursaries for student nurses.
  • How the NHS can close gaps in workplace inequalities between BME and white staff, as well as ensuring its organisational leadership reflects the diversity of both the NHS and the UK.
  • Sustainability targets such as reducing carbon emissions by 35% through estates and facilities initiatives such as LED lighting programmes and eliminating oil and coal fired boilers; as well as targets to transition 90% of the NHS vehicle fleet to low emission engines by 2028.

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MARCH 2020

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