MARCH 2020

Wired Health

March 25 2020, Kings Place, London.
March 25 2020, Kings Place, London.


WIRED Health explores and maps the future of health, highlighting the thought-provoking disruptors, scientists and practitioners paving new paths in how we access, provide and improve patient care. Since its launch in 2014, WIRED Health continues to connect innovators with influencers and to inspire business decision-makers, entrepreneurs and medical professionals with its editorially-curated programme and interactive Test Lab.

Join us this March to understand how the health industry is evolving – and how quickly, discover the startups and scaleups changing the landscape and meet like-minded attendees looking for inspiration and collaboration.

The WIRED Health startup showcase

WIRED Health’s Startup Showcase has been a platform for entrepreneurs on the cusp of major influence to present their new products, solutions and technology. Startups will be carefully selected to pitch onstage at WIRED Health on March 25. Last year, teenage entrepreneur Erin Smith won the WIRED Health Startup of the Year with FacePrint, an automated screening and monitoring tool for Parkinson’s disease using early-stage facial expression indicators.

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MARCH 2020

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