Remote ‘Family Support Model’ launched by Antser to help social care professionals amid COVID-19

The platform gives Local Authorities and Social Care professionals quick and easy access to remote social worker, psychologist, mentoring and independent visitors whenever they need it through the pandemic

In response to the ongoing CV19 crisis, Antser, a leading provider of business support services, technology solutions and training and development to the care sector, has pooled the resources and expertise across its companies to provide a comprehensive remote social care service, in order to free up in-house social worker capacity for frontline work.

The launch comes shortly after official advice to health and social care professionals in the UK to switch to remote consultations where possible. This is designed to limit the spread of the virus whilst still maintaining access to vital support services, and further underlines the importance of health and social care services having strong digital infrastructure.

The support is broken down into three categories, with each case being triaged by Antser’s in-house social work team;

Professional Support

This is remote psychologist and social worker support for families and children in, or on the edge of, care and is focussed on maintaining the placement stability, thereby freeing up social workers who would otherwise need to maintain regular visits.

Structured Mentoring Support

Practical support and signposting for approved carers and adopters or those going through the assessment process. The mentors are carers or adopters themselves with a wealth of experience and again, the service is designed to free up social worker time, reduce breakdowns and improve placement stability.

Independent Visitors.

This service will match carers and children with experienced volunteers, enabling them to reach out to a friendly, independent ‘ear’ when they are struggling or need emotional support.

Explaining the release of the platform, Antser Group CEO, Richard Dooner, said: “We’ve launched our Family Support Model in response to the growing demand from Social care professionals for a digital solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. For teams and individuals that need to continue to provide support, this gives them quick and secure access to all of the expert support they might need through this challenging period.

“With Local Authorities diverting resources to caring for COVID-19 patients, our Family Support Model will ensure those at home can stay in contact with professionals who can provide specialist advice and guidance – this is vital for those with ongoing support needs, and for ensuring that our population can stay as healthy and well as possible.”


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