ShowdMe Announces Partnership with Spring Mountain Capital and Blue Heron Capital for Series A Funding Round and Expansion

ShowdMe, the premier compliance training partner for home care agencies and skilled nursing facilities, announces today a Series A investment led by Spring Mountain Capital and Blue Heron Capital. The funding will drive expansion for the Company, allowing for the hiring of new employees and continued growth of its products and services.  ShowdMe chose to engage with the two firms after growing 90% year over year in 2022, obtaining over 100 new clients in the past 12 months, and achieving 98% logo retention.

Healthcare professionals are required to complete compliance training on an annual basis, as well as during the hiring process. ShowdMe’s software and “Compliance-as-a-Service” offering simplifies the training experience for users by providing the platform and full service support to help users complete training remotely.  By incorporating ShowdMe’s platform into their training process, organizations have seen compliance rates increase, on average, to 92%– in addition to a significant reduction in operational costs.

“ShowdMe is a leader in the digital transformation of compliance and training solutions for healthcare organizations and we are proud to partner with them. Impressively, the Company has reduced in-service costs by as much as 80% while achieving 93% satisfaction rates, and we are committed to helping ShowdMe accelerate its growth initiatives to broaden its platform and course offerings. We look forward to a partnership with ShowdMe to expand its solutions so more healthcare organizations can focus on their primary objective of delivering quality patient care,” said Kenny Soll of Spring Mountain Capital.

“We’re excited to be working with Avi and the entire ShowdMe team to advance their goal of making healthcare compliance easy. The Company’s easy-to-use platform provides the right training, to the right employee, at the right time to ultimately help get more healthcare professionals doing what they do best, helping patients. That’s a mission we are excited to support,” said Gordon Crenshaw of Blue Heron Capital.

“With the recent success of our platform, the timing was right to partner with Spring Mountain Capital and Blue Heron Capital. The funding will allow us to accelerate growth and meet the compliance needs of health organizations without sacrificing the service our customers expect. In today’s age of employee burnout and high turnover rates, streamlining compliance training can make all the difference in employee retention,” said Avi Singer, CEO and Founder of ShowdMe.


Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals

Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals