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Smooth and well-supported start to new chapter of CT imaging at Causeway Hospital in Northern Ireland

Causeway Hospital in Coleraine, County Londonderry, part of Northern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland, has successfully gone live with its new Aquilion Prime SP CT scanner from Canon Medical UK. The system, situated near to the emergency department, will provide trauma and out-of-hours related scanning and will also support general and cardiac outpatient appointments.

The transition to the new CT has been smooth with radiography staff adjusting well to the new features of the AI-assisted scanner. Powered by Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), which was the world’s first CT scanner to use such Deep-Learning reconstruction technology, it has helped to speed up processes to create time savings and improve the quality of diagnostic images for clinical interpretation.

“Every step of the new CT journey with Canon Medical UK has been hassle free,” states Rachel Brown, Trust Lead CT Radiographer at Northern Health and Social Care Trust. “From the start of the relationship in selecting and ordering the new CT system, to the system installation and user training, through to the after-sales service support we are now receiving, it has been a smooth ride. The locally based engineers bent over backwards to make sure everything went as planned at set-up stage and the access to the national support team is easy and always prompt.”

She continues, “Our imaging team has adjusted quickly to the new integrated features of the CT scanner and is impressed with the improved image quality. This has helped to speed up our processes giving us time savings while also providing accurate diagnostic images with huge dose savings for patients. We feel well supported and ready to provide the local community with a higher standard of imaging care into the future.”

“It is great to hear another positive experience from our customers,” states Billy Erwin, Account Manager at Canon Medical UK. “A relationship with Canon Medical UK goes far beyond just the installation and training on a new piece of kit. We are dedicated to building long-term imaging partnerships that ensure local, national and international teams are at the ready to respond to specific requests or provide ongoing proactive training and development through our Medical Imaging Academy.”


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