The future of the smart watch: Kids champion eco-friendly gadgets, while parents are pro-tracking technology.

  • Kids want the smartwatches of the future to possess solar chargers, disease detectors, mood monitors, fitness trackers and self-defense zappers.
  • 54% of parents surveyed think that wearable tech is good for their child’s welfare and 45% believe tracking their child via wearable tech would give them peace of mind.
  • Only 15% of parents think their child cares a lot about health and fitness, yet all 5 of these young artists added a feature related to staying healthy in their smartwatch design.
  • 19% of parents believes that their child is disinterested in the environment and sustainability, though 3 out of 5 of these smartwatch designs by kids is eco-friendly.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Smartwatches are already capable of tracking health and fitness, monitoring sleep, receiving messages and much more than we ever could have imagined a decade ago. So, with that in mind, what could the future hold for wearable tech?

Currys PC World asked five children to put their imaginations to work to draw their version of a futuristic smartwatch. To gain a parent’s perspective, mums and dads from across the UK were surveyed on their thoughts and feelings towards children owning wearable technology.

Key features of the children’s smartwatch designs

The environment, health and fitness, and personal safety were the resounding themes present within the kids’ illustrations, proving children want their gadgets to have a positive impact on lives.

In terms of looking after our planet, the eco-friendly features in the young artists’ designs include solar charging, a plastic scanner that identifies what items can be recycled, and even a teleportation device that eliminates the need for traditional transport. The gadgets could also prove incredibly beneficial for the wearer’s health and fitness, with features such as step counters, heart rate monitors and virtual personal trainers encouraging an active lifestyle, while mood monitors work to foster good mental well-being. As for personal safety and security, the kids’ imaginary smartwatches would provide the wearer with a self-defense zapper, pepper spray and a night vision torch.

What do parents think about wearable tech?

The majority of parents are pro-wearable technology, with 54% admitting that they think smartwatches could be good for their child’s welfare. Probing further, it would appear male parents are far more confident about the benefits of wearable tech, with 64% saying they are pro-smartwatch, compared to just 54% of female parents.

Not all parents are convinced of the benefits of children owning wearable technology, however – in fact 12% don’t think it is good for their welfare and 6% think being able to track their child would cause more worry than peace of mind. This being said, when presented with a series of statements related to tracking children through wearable technology, parents were most likely to choose either: 1) it would give me peace of mind; 2) allow me to reach my child quicker if they were in need and 3) help me to identity potential risks.

Check out the full collection of smartwatch illustrations and learn a bit more about how children and parents feel about the future of wearable technology.



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