Transform Patient Safety & Care Through the Use of Voice-Directed Technology

Dakota Integrated Solutions Ltd, a real-time data capture, printing, mobility and support solution specialist, is delighted to announce the launch of Voice-Care, a ground-breaking solution developed specifically for the healthcare sector, designed to progressively transform patient safety and care.

With the ability to achieve greater staff satisfaction, increase safety and ensure 100% compliance with standardised processes and procedures, Voice-Care prioritises and manages the administration of medicines and patient observations through the use of voice-directed technology.

Allowing users to work hands and eyes free, Voice-Care is an easy to use, low-cost and dynamic digital solution which uses two-way speech commands and a custom-built scheduling system, addressing the need to simplify the recording of patient observations directly from the bedside in real time.

Supporting integration with existing hospital systems, the solution can also be reconfigured and developed to suit the demands of other healthcare applications wherever there needs to be compliant inspections or a patient/carer scenario.

With the ability to add photos, live stream ‘how to’ videos and record free speech at the end of the observation process, all information is accurately and instantly captured and uploaded to the ePR or NEWS2 Platform, ensuring a consistent and immediate information flow between relevant clinicians and staff without the need to manually record notes, saving valuable time and reducing carbon footprint.

An accompanying Voice-Care secure mobile phone app ensures that next of kin with the correct security settings have real-time access to patient updates and progress, reducing the pressure on front-line staff to handle inbound phone calls from concerned relatives which ultimately takes them away from carrying out important tasks and care plans – keeping patient care at the heart of everything they do.

With a rich history in supplying over 200 NHS Trusts and several hospital groups within the private healthcare sector with fit-for-purpose technology solutions due to their expertise and close working relationships with Framework Resellers and the NHS Supply Chain, Dakota provides full integration expertise across a broad range of healthcare applications including bedside point of care, positive patient identification, track and trace, domiciliary care, asset tagging and inventory control.

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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals

Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals