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Two thirds of acute global digital exemplars now employ scheduling software

A healthcare scheduling software supplier now equips almost two thirds of the NHS Acute Trusts recognised as Global Digital Exemplars (GDE) in the UK.

Staffordshire-based, BookWise Solutions, now provides scheduling and room booking software for 10 out of 16 of the digitally advanced Acute Trusts recognised as GDE. The technology streamlines processes for both staff and patients, helping to improve efficiency, reduce waiting times and save money.

The NHS Global Digital Exemplars are internationally recognised for delivering improvements in quality of care through the use of world-leading digital technologies. Exemplars share their learning and experiences with other Trusts in order to support the spread of best practice and innovation.

Scheduling software by BookWise Solutions is currently used in various departments within the selected Trusts, which include Day Units, Outpatient Departments and Medical Education Centres.

The milestone is a big achievement for the business, explained Denise Williamson, managing director at BookWise Solutions:“As a software supplier for the healthcare sector, it is quite the achievement for us as a business to have a hand in helping the NHS achieve significant benefits from employing digital technology. The plans set are ambitious and really forward thinking, and it’s great for a company like ours to be at the forefront – helping the Trusts that are making changes to become recognised on an international platform.

“Many of the NHS Trusts across the country are looking for more and more digital solutions to what are traditionally very manual, paper-based tasks – like booking appointments and rooms, for example. It is often underestimated how much time this can take from a day when done manually, but, using BookWise software can streamline processes, eliminate error and create a more efficient experience for staff and patients.”

The NHS England and Department of Health and Social Care is driving its digital initiatives by supporting and funding the Trusts to take significant steps to improve their offering and experience for staff and patients alike, as part of the vision for a tech-driven healthcare service.

Denise added:“As it stands, we supply 63 per cent of the Acute Trusts which have taken considerable steps and made changes to earn their GDE status, and we are looking forward to assisting even more across the UK in making the leap into a digital world.”

BookWise Solutions works with 95 NHS Trusts and Health Boards across the UK, developing software that provides an efficient and transparent scheduling solution.

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