Analysing the role of telemedicine in post-pandemic care

Date: Tuesday, 7th September 2021

Time: 13:00 BST / 14:00 CET (webinar)

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Patient waiting times in Europe are historically bad with our staff as overstretched as they have ever been. Our patients in rural areas now struggle more than ever to access care. The needs of our more immobile populations only continue to be overlooked.

Yet the increased adoption of telemedicine promises potentially game changing improvement to patient access. It is vital that this solution becomes a permanent fixture of healthcare provision and is not merely a stop gap solution to overcome temporary pandemic induced restrictions.

To help achieve this aim, we have produced a free webinar in conjunction with the Digital Health division of the World Health Organisation; Analysing the role telemedicine in post-pandemic care (7th Sept, 2pm CET)’. This is a can’t miss opportunity to learn how to install a successful hybrid care model and deliver better care for all patients.

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  • Peter Thomas, CCIO and Director of Digital Medicine at Moorfields Eye Hospital
  • Toralf Schnell, Chief Digital Officer and Head of the Digitization Unit at University Medicine Greifswald

Our panel of experts will cover the questions you pose and topics including how to:

  • Create a successful hybrid care model; use virtual primary care appointments to make care easily accessible for those that cannot make time for in-person appointments
  • Provide for the needs of your isolated and more immobile patients to help address health inequity
  • Further streamline your operations and stay on top of your patients’ condition via integrated platforms that sync data collected directly to your EMR

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