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CLYNXX: All-in-One Digital Private Practice Management and Electronic Private Prescriptions

Clynxx is a UK based electronic health records system allowing users to use practice management features and create electronic private prescriptions. Clynxx uses FreeRx® technology to create regulatory compliant electronic private prescriptions. FreeRx® is recognised by the NPA as the UK’s official electronic private prescriptions system.

Clynxx provides users with a full suite of features that satisfy the needs of a standard regulated clinic. The features on the system can be used to demonstrate compliance during application with regulators. Clynxx makes it easy for prescribers from any background to start caring for their patients instantly. This is made possible by our access to GMC and GPhC records and automated biometric checking service. No upfront fees are required and no contract is required.

Features include:

  • Automated calendar scheduling
  • Electronic private prescriptions
  • Nationwide blood tests and scan ordering
  • Invoicing
  • Video conferencing
  • Signed Letters
  • Patient profile management

Automated Calendar Scheduling

Create services and assign them to a room or a doctor. Patients will now be able to book your services directly from the web. Clynxx will do all the work to ensure your schedule is as efficient as possible.

Electronic Private Prescriptions

FreeRx® is the UK’s official electronic private prescriptions system. Send electronic private prescriptions instantly to patients via email and SMS. Electronic private prescriptions created using Clynxx are fully compliant to the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 section 217 & 219 compliant.

Prescriptions created using Clynxx can be dispensed at any pharmacy including independent pharmacies, Tesco, Well, Lloyds, Morrisons and many more.

Nationwide blood tests and scan ordering

Order blood tests for your patients anywhere in the UK. Select from an option of self-test kit, partner clinic or nurse home visit sample collection. CQC registered labs.

Diagnostic scan partner sites ensure that your patients are, on average, no more than 10 miles away from a scanner. A complimentary report is sent with every scan result.


Collect admin fees. Send custom invoices. Receive automated payouts directly to your registered bank account within 5 working days.

Secure Video Rooms

Host secure video appointments with your patients using our built-in video conferencing feature.

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