Improving the IT Ecosystem: Healthcare Digital Technology Congress

Improving the IT Ecosystem: Healthcare Digital Technology Congress

Time: 8:00am | Date: November 5, 2020 | Venue: Etc.Venues, London Prospero House, 241 Borough High St, London, SE1 1GA

All around us, a new generation of technology is changing all of our lives. From the mundane but useful, like the ubiquity of satnavs that stop family arguments and warn us of traffic jams, to the profound and extraordinary, like the ability of genomics to design drugs for each individual. The Health Secretary

In early 2019 plans were announced to completely overhaul the current use of IT systems and technology across the NHS.

Technology and IT systems are currently helping drive improvements in areas including;

Clinical support: Helping to deliver high-quality care at all times, as part of a network of professionals who can communicate easily with each other, with access to the patient’s records and care plan in at the right time and in a usable format, supported by the best in decision support and monitoring tools

Health System Management: Minimising the burden of data collection, bringing together the data necessary for quality improvement and cost reduction, creating a single source of truth for decision making, and enabling complex modelling and forecasting to enhance health and care planning.

Network infrastructure Security: Protecting patients’ data from user carelessness and criminal cyber-attack, ensuring the availability of critical systems in an NHS that is now dependent upon information technology to function, as was shown by the recent global cyber-attack.

Interoperability: Enabling real-time access to linked, deduplicated, normalised clinical records and personalised care plans for clinical care, can make an individual’s data available to them through browser or app technology or (with their agreement) for remote health monitoring, and can create de-identified versions of this data when appropriate for secondary uses such as clinical research and NHS operational management.

We are in a truly exciting time and each day new developments are made that will save lives and improve operational productivity by using and harnessing the use of Information Technology Systems,

Our 7th Improving the IT Ecosystem: Healthcare Digital Technology Congress, will aim to take a closer look at some of current improvements & safety issues that innovation and technology have highlighted over the last 12 months.

The event will provide delegates with a unique opportunity to engage directly with some of the leading minds helping to drive change and transformation on a national scale, we will host 10 sector-leading guest speakers, 10 strategically chosen commercial providers & 180 peers from across the UK.

Benefits of attending Improving the IT Ecosystem: Healthcare Digital Technology Congress:
• Listen, learn and engage with industry-leading speakers
• Input directly to the discussions and panel debate sessions
• Gain 8 CPD Points
• Engage directly with over 200 of your peers from across the UK
• Network with ten thought-leading commercial sector solution providers
• All food and refreshments provided

Research sources: NHS England, Nuffield Trust & Secretary of State for Health and Social Care tech vision.

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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals

Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals