RWG Mobile sign agreement with Fujifilm to deliver connectivity for health innovation project

RWG Mobile has today announced a new partnership with Fujifilm to provide the connectivity behind a unique innovation in the provision of mobile healthcare within the community.

Fujifilm has created a ‘concept car’ that serves as an Ultra-Portable Diagnostic Unit which enables emergency services to provide X-rays, blood analysis and ultrasound diagnosis within community locations remote from clinical services. As a vital element of Fujifilm’s Diagnostic Unit, RWG’s Connected Networks connectivity solution provides highly secure and private data connectivity which transmits diagnostics information to clinical specialists who can interpret and make decisions on the appropriate steps of care provision to be taken.

This technology has the potential to enhance the delivery of urgent care, optimise the use of emergency services resources as well as save unnecessary trips to emergency departments for patients ensuring they receive the appropriate care as soon as possible.

Andrew Davies, Founder and CEO of RWG Mobile said, “We’re proud to be working with Fujifilm to help people get the medical care they need in the most efficient way possible. This technology has the potential to improve provision of care, especially in rural areas, reduce the weight on the shoulders of ambulance services and emergency departments and ultimately save lives.”

RWG is a Welsh mobile and connectivity provider. They offer low-cost data connectivity to consumers and businesses as well as providing secure networks for IoT devices and healthcare settings.

This announcement comes on the back of the company’s launch of RWG iCare, a Health Platform as a Service (HPaaS) that enables remote patient management (RPM) services in the community to enhance the health and wellbeing for people at home through simple, easy-to-use technology.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals