The number 1 way to get more patients for your private clinic

Marketing clinical services is unlike any other form of marketing. Some of the busiest clinics do not have good websites or even any social media presence. The tried and tested method of growing a clinic is social proof. With more and more clinics offering the same services and patients having less and less time to choose, your efforts should be concentrated on visible, high quality and trustworthy proof.

What is social proof?

Robert Cialdini coined this term in his book Influence. It means that people will copy what other people are doing to get the same results that they themselves wish to achieve. Social proof is a shortcut for the brain to make better decisions. A common example of this is how people are more likely to visit an eating establishment that already has many customers within than one which is empty.

A traditional way of gaining social proof is word of mouth. Some will argue that there is no better clinical marketing than word of mouth. In this article I will only show you how to scale this approach. Below you may find an example of a low quality vs high quality social proof.

Low Quality Social Proof

  • Is posted by the company being recommended
  • Does not attribute the author
  • Leaves more questions than answers

High Quality Social Proof

  • Verified by independent third party as genuine
  • Quickly shows what service user received
  • Rates specific services provided by the clinic
  • Provides high quality information at a glance
  • Reinforces the brand and its trustworthiness



Scaling your word of mouth can easily be done by collecting reviews using trusted third party services that automate review collection. One such automation can be achieved by collecting Doctify reviews using electronic private prescriptions such as those created by Clynxx.

Patients open their electronic private prescriptions almost 100% of the time and by doing so they will view your review link. This automation is guaranteed to increase your review collection and build the reputation that will result in more patients coming to see you.

Clynxx clients can receive special discounted rates for Doctify by following the link below :

If you have an existing account and would like to link it to your Clynxx account contact Clynxx via the contact form on the homepage.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals